Bishops' chief decries 'unmotivated' political gridlock

'People can't take any more' says Bagnasco

Bishops' chief decries 'unmotivated' political gridlock

(see related coverage of political gridlock) Genoa, April 16 - Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian Bishops' Conference (CEI), on Tuesday launched a damning critique of the political deadlock that is gripping the country following inconclusive general elections at the end of February. "Politicians need to put an end to all further delay, which is often unmotivated, and tackle seriously and decisively the problems of the people who can't take any more," he said. The cardinal also urged "people in positions of responsibility at all levels" - political, administrative and entrepreneurial - to increasingly "play their part, and ever more urgently2 in light of the difficult economic and employment situation in the country.

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