EU revises down horse meat figures for Italy

Product found in around 4.66% of beef samples overall

EU revises down horse meat figures for Italy

Rome, April 16 - European Union sources on Tuesday said horse meat levels of over 1% were found in roughly 14% of samples of beef recently taken by Italian health police and not in around 20% as originally stated. The NAS hygiene police found horse meat in 33 of the 454 beef products they analysed and sent to EU authorities Monday. Earlier the Italian authorities said horse meat had been found in 93 of the products tested. The revised figure is still significantly higher than the Europe-wide rate of 4.66% announced by the EU later in the day. Of the contaminated samples only 0.51% were found to contain traces of the anti-inflammatory drug phenilbutazone, which is considered dangerous for human health. None of these reportedly came from Italy. The figures "confirm" that the scandal "is a matter of fraud and not of food safety," said EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg.

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