Italian runner, deputy mayor, calls Boston climate 'surreal'

'We're trying to get home, but airport closed'

Italian runner, deputy mayor, calls Boston climate 'surreal'

(see related) Genoa, April 16 - The deputy mayor of an Italian town who was running in the Boston Marathon said the climate after the bombings was "surreal" on Tuesday. "What happened is terrible. In Boston now it's a surreal situation. We're trying to understand when we can come back to Italy because the airport is closed," said Stefano Valsetti, deputy mayor of Cairo Montenotte in northern Italy, who witnessed the explosions that killed three people on Monday and injured over 100 at the finish line. "I passed the finish line exactly nine minutes before the two explosions, and I was there in the area when they went off. Up to then the mood was festive, then suddenly the city entered into panic. Now we're all in the hotel waiting to find out how to get home".

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