Costa company asks to be damaged party in Concordia trial

Company seeks to be civil plaintiff in shipwreck trial

Costa company asks to be damaged party in Concordia trial

Grosseto, April 15 - The cruise company Costa Crociere SpA is seeking to be named as a civil plaintiff in criminal proceedings regarding the Costa Concordia shipwreck that began in the Tuscan town of Grosseto on Monday. Prosecutors are asking for the indictment of Captain Francesco Schettino and five others involved in the January 2012 cruise-liner disaster that resulted in the deaths of 32 people. Schettino is suspected of multiple manslaughter and abandonment of post before the evacuation of all 4,200 passengers and crew. In Italy, civil plaintiffs can join criminal proceedings as damaged parties. "We have suffered huge damages for the loss of a ship and we will ask to be civil plaintiffs in the trial," said Marco De Luca, a lawyer for the Costa Crociere SpA company. Costa is also obliged to pay one million euros in sanctions as the result of plea-bargaining earlier in the same case. Meanwhile, some 30 lawyers representing shipwrecked passengers of the sunken vessel have also descended on the town of Grosseto with the intent of bringing suit against the Costa's board as well as the directors of its parent company Carnival Corporation. The lawyers are expected to file their formal complaint with prosecutors on Monday.

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