PD opposes eliminating parliament seats for expat Italians

Debate begins over long list of reform proposals from 'wise men'

PD opposes eliminating parliament seats for expat Italians

Rome, April 12 - Reaction was swift and negative to a proposal Friday to eliminate Italian parliamentary seats for citizens living abroad. That proposal was contained within a long list developed by a group of 10 "wise men" appointed by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano as part of a program to capture cross-party support and lead to a new government. Expat voters are an "untapped resource" for Italy's development and their voices must be heard, said Eugenio Marino, the center-left Democratic Party (PD) representative on the issue. One of the priorities of the so-called "wise men" was to find a proposal for a new electoral law to replace the much-criticized current system that failed to produce a clear winner nearly two months ago.

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