'Wise men' say tax system must be changed to help families

Demographics will drive overhaul of revenue system, says panel

'Wise men' say tax system must be changed to help families

Rome, April 12 - Italy's tax system should be overhauled to provide more support for families, economic experts said in a report Friday to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. The family unit provides a crucial role in Italian society, yet not enough encouragement and support is provided through the tax system, said the experts. The cracks in the system are becoming more apparent as the recession continues to drag down the Italian economy and the wellbeing of families, said the experts, members of the 10 "wise men" who Napolitano appointed to develop proposals for economic and institutional reforms in Italy. These proposals are intended to help bring political parties together to form a new government. The tax system must also be made more responsive to the changing demographics and aging Italian population.

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