Up to 90% of Internet information on allergies 'incorrect'

Allergy association sets up site to fight misinformation

Up to 90% of Internet information on allergies 'incorrect'

Florence, April 12 - Up to 90% of information available on the Internet relating to allergies is incorrect or partial, according to data presented in Italy Friday. Specialists were discussing the paucity of accurate Web information at a meeting in Florence organized by the Italian Allergenic and Immunological Clinical Association (SIAIC). Incorrect information could lead wrong do-it-yourself diagnoses and even grave consequences to the health of the patient, the said. "The highest level of attention needs to be paid to unchecked information," said allergy expert Donatella Macchia, who also sits on SIAIC's board. "Many people feel they suffer from food allergies, while in effect only 10% of the population actually does". Macchia said no website must be used to diagnose illnesses and to prescribe medicines, adding that an incorrect diagnosis could lead to death. To combat the phenomenon, the association has created a website, www.apaitalia.it, where interested parties can register and receive official information from experts on their illnesses.

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