Napolitano says successor will shepherd govt

Calls for 'good will' from parties after wise men's work

Napolitano says successor will shepherd govt

Rome, April 12 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano says it will be up to his replacement to supervise the process for installing a new government. "Now the work and the decisions pass over to the political parties and whoever will be my successor to draw the conclusions," Napolitano, whose term as head of state ends next month, said Friday. He spoke after unveiling the results of more than a week's work by the 10 "wise men" he had appointed to develop proposals for economic and institutional reforms in Italy. Those proposals must now be turned into a government programme capable of winning cross-party support. It is up to the political parties to make a "similar effort of good will for an agreement" to break the deadlock Italy has endured since February's inconclusive general election, he added. Napolitano's seven-year term of office ends next month and the election of his successor is to begin next Thursday.

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