Report by Napolitano's 'wise men' to be delivered Friday

Bersani to meet with ex-premier D'Alema for next president talks

Report by Napolitano's 'wise men' to be delivered Friday

Rome, April 12 - The report prepared by a group of 10 'wise men' commissioned by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to try to break the country's post-election deadlock will be presented on Friday. The two panels set up by the outgoing head of state will make proposals on key reforms and economic moves, while addressing "serious, urgent and underlying problems," Napolitano said after establishing the group at the end of March. Also on Friday, center-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani will meet with ex-premier Massimo D'Alema to discuss a successor to President Napolitano, whose seven-year term ends on May 15.

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