Ground 'fragile' in over 80% of Italian municipalities

28 million people at risk of landslides and flooding

Ground 'fragile' in over 80% of Italian municipalities

Rome, April 11 - Hydrogeological instability affects 82% of municipalities in Italy, putting around 28 million people at risk, national reclamation, irrigation and land improvement association ANBI said on Thursday. Some 1.26 million buildings are currently exposed to the risk of landslides or flooding, including over 6,000 schools and 531 hospitals, according to an ANBI report. Meanwhile figures from various sources cited in the study show that in Italy between 1950 and 2012 over 9,000 people died and a further 700,000 remained homeless as a result of landslides or floods, costing the country billions of euros in economic damages. ANBI President Massimo Gargano said the problem required a ''civil protection culture'' as being ''the most transparent, effective and economical'' in tackling the risk. He also proposed a plan involving 3,400 interventions to a total of 7.4 billion euros to reduce the present instability.

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