Venice imposing first-ever day-long motorboat ban

Green initiative offers free ferry gondolas, hybrid-boat parade

Venice imposing first-ever day-long motorboat ban

Venice, April 11 - For the first time in history Venice has called for a day of no motorized traffic on the Grand Canal in an effort to lower smog levels and the wear and tear on the lagoon ecosystem. "This effort serves to strengthen the commitment of the city administration to fight pollution and the effects of damaging wake," said Gianfranco Bettin, Venice environment councillor. In addition to emitting smog, motorboats produce waves that harm the fragile banks of Venice's canals. The ban also applies to the Canal of Cannaregio, another highly trafficked passageway. At 11:00 there will be a procession of hybrid boats that are both rowed and electric-powered. Throughout the ban, ferry gondolas known as "traghetti" will be free.

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