Paparazzi agent Corona convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy

Notorious personality gets 3 years 10 months

Paparazzi agent Corona convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy

Rome, April 10 - Italy's highest court on Wednesday upheld the conviction of Fabrizio Corona, Italy's most famous paparazzi agent, for the fraudulent bankruptcy of his once high-flying photography agency Corona's. The Cassation Court confirmed a three-year, 10-month sentence handed down by a Milan appeals court in June. Corona was sentenced in January to a separate five-year term for blackmailing VIPs with compromising photographs. He fled Italy for a week before tearfully turning himself in to police in Lisbon and returning to jail in Italy. Corona went missing hours before the Cassation Court confirmed the ruling for blackmailing former Juventus and France striker David Trezeguet. The decision meant the sentence had become effective and he had to go to prison. "I left Italy because I was dismayed by an unjust sentence and because I fear for my life in Italian prisons," Corona said at the time. The notorious personality, who has hit the headlines for his colourful exploits and super-model girlfriends, spent over two months in prison in 2007 in relation to a separate case that subsequently led to a conviction for extorting money from former Inter Milan forward Adriano. Corona's flight from the law meant an additional two years and 10 months time was added to his prison sentence. His criminal record also includes convictions for possession of fake banknotes, tax evasion and assault. His long-term former girlfriend, model and TV star Belen Rodriguez, left him two years ago and has just given birth to her first child, a boy named Santiago, with Stefano De Martino, a dancer on top TV talent show Amici.

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