Questions over Coliseum restoration work kick-off May 20

Date announced by a PdL senator finds officials in disagreement

Questions over Coliseum restoration work kick-off May 20

Rome, April 9 - Restoration work on the Coliseum, Rome's most important historical landmark, is set to begin on May 20, according to Francesco Giro, a senator with Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedoms (PdL) party. "On May 20 restoration work on the Coliseum will begin," Giro announced Tuesday, even as the formal go-ahead from the government's department of monuments and historical treasures had yet to be announced. Perhaps reflecting the broader sense of confusion reigning in Italy these days, the department said: "a date has not yet been officialized". Meanwhile, the Ministry of cultural affairs said the works were to begin "very likely at the end of May". "I hope May 20 will be a big party for Romans and that the city government and Mayor Gianni Alemanno will organize a beautiful day at the Coliseum," said Giro. Restoration works at the Coliseum, which is getting its first face-lift in 73 years, are being financed by Diego Della Valle's luxury goods company Tod's. Tod's is investing some 25 million euros in the operation, which is expected to take about three years. During the restoration, the Coliseum will remain open to visits. Among the works to be carried out are repairs to the building's entrances and the creation of a visitor center.

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