Grillo demands commissions, accuses parties of 'coup'

M5S leader says it's a 'lie' that new govt needed

Grillo demands commissions, accuses parties of 'coup'

(see related stories) Rome, April 9 - 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Beppe Grillo on Tuesday demanded parliament's new commissions be set up immediately and accused the established parties of staging a "coup". He said that the claim that the commissions cannot be set up until a new government is sworn in was a "lie" used by the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) and ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) to stop M5S introducing reforms that would truly change the country. The comedian-turned-politician said these included the application of an ineligibility law that would exclude Berlusconi from politics, a conflict-of-interest law and a bill to scrap public funding of political parties with retroactive effect. "The coup started years ago," Grillo wrote on his popular blog, which gave birth to the Internet-based M5S in 2009. "It's a coup in broad daylight to delegitimize and empty parliament. Italy is no longer a parliamentary republic, as stipulated in the Constitution, but a party republic... "There is no Constitutional impediment or impediment of any type that stops them (the commissions) being set up, but the parties don't want them. "The reason is simple. Now there's a newcomer to parliament, an unforeseen event, the M5S, which wants to launch a series of laws as soon as possible that are like garlic for vampires to the PD and the PdL". He said that if the commissions are not set up Italy risked a year of parliamentary paralysis. "The country is collapsing and legislative activity is on hold. It's suicide," said Grillo, adding that the parties should be put in the hands of special commissioners if the commissions are not launched. "Parliament must go back to being sovereign".

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