Naples 'City of Science' gets reconstruction boost

Renzo Piano, Nobel laureates join effort after huge fire

Naples 'City of Science' gets reconstruction boost

Naples, April 8 - The committee to rebuild Naples' Citta' della Scienza (City of Science), gutted by suspected arson last month, now includes a list of impressive names from the world's scientific and cultural elite, organizers announced Monday. The committee was launched by Nobel physics laureate Carlo Rubbia, and includes fellow Nobel physics laureate David Gross, world-renowned architect Renzo Piano, La Scala opera house conductor Claudio Abbado, and physicists from the CERN nuclear research center Fabiola Gianotti and Guido Tonelli. The complex is considered one of Naples' cultural gems. It attracted over 350,000 annual visitors. Only one of its buildings was untouched by the flames. Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris has openly suspected mafia foul play after traces of gasoline were found in multiple areas of the complex. Italian MEPs on Monday are hosting an event in Brussels promoting its reconstruction.

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