El Mahroug 'victimized' by press and prosecutors

Ruby says that she even suffered intolerance at Easter Mass

El Mahroug 'victimized' by press and prosecutors

(see previous)Milan, April 4 - The young Moroccan woman, Karima El Mahroug, at the center of a sex scandal that landed ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi in court told a crowd on Thursday that she had been used and victimized by the press and prosecutors. Breaking into tears, El Mahroug, also known as 'Ruby Heartstealer', said that she had decided to break two years of silence to defend herself, her family and especially her daughter Sofia from "lies and prejudice". "The latest episode of intolerance against me happened at Easter Mass when a person looked at me and my daughter, then said they hoped that she didn't end up like me," El Mahroug said. "There are still many people who look down on me and I find it disconcerting that no one wants to hear my truth, the only truth possible," she said.

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