5-Star Movement shuns comparison with French National Front

Le Pen's compliments like 'praise from Mussolini', says MP

5-Star Movement shuns comparison with French National Front

Rome, April 3 - An MP for Italy's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) has shunned comparisons with the French National Front (FN) after receiving praise from the leader of the far right party, Marine Le Pen. Le Pen on Tuesday praised the "Eurosceptic" stance of M5S leader Beppe Grillo, who has called for a referendum on whether Italy should continue to have the euro as its currency. "It's a bit like having praise from Mussolini," M5S MP Andrea Cecconi told Turin newspaper La Stampa. "Le Pen is profoundly Eurosceptic. We aren't. We think the role of Europe should be discussed and we'd like for the people to be able to express its opinion in a referendum". The M5S holds the balance of power in parliament after capturing a huge protest vote in last month's inconclusive general election. photo: Marine Le Pen.

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