Vatican City

Pope celebrates Tuesday mass at Santa Marta residence

Francis says tears can be like eyeglasses to see risen Christ

Pope celebrates Tuesday mass at Santa Marta residence

Vatican City, April 2 - Tears of suffering may provide a kind of "eyeglasses" through which the risen Christ might be seen, Pope Francis said during a mass Tuesday. According to Vatican Radio, the pope explained that shedding tears of pain can also allow people to come closer to Jesus. During the mass, celebrated at the Santa Marta residence outside the papal apartments where Francis now lives, he described the New Testament scene where Mary Magdalene wept at Christ's tomb, thinking the body had been stolen and all was lost. "It is a time of darkness in her soul," the pope said, adding that she did not yet realize that in fact Christ had been resurrected. Eventually, her tears provided a way for her to see Christ after His resurrection, said the pope. "So, perhaps we can ask God for the grace of tears," he said.

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