M5S declines to provide name of potential premier

Crimi says won't vote in favour of technocrat government

M5S declines to provide name of potential premier

Rome, March 29 - Italy's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), which on Friday said it was available to form a government backed by its own political party, declined to announce the name of its prime ministerial candidate, saying it was of little importance compared with the party platform. Senate Whip Vito Crimi went on to add that the M5S would not vote in favour of a technocrat government, one of the solutions political analysts say Italian President Giorgio Napolitano is considering as a way out of the current political stalemate. ''For us it is the political project that is of importance, and it is summed up in our twenty program points. The name of the prime minister candidate is not essential'', Crimi said. ''Should Napolitano give the mandate to M5S, we will within a very short time period give the president both a name and a program''. Crimi made the comments after meeting with Napolitano, who is holding a second round of consultations with political parties after center-left coalition leader Pier Luigi Bersani on Thursday said he had been unable to form a government with sufficient political support to receive parliament's approval. photo: Crimi with House Whip Roberta Lombardi

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