Lamb puppets hung in trees reminder of Easter 'slaughter'

Animal rights association mimics contemporary artist

Lamb puppets hung in trees reminder of Easter 'slaughter'

Milan, March 29 - Three life-sized lamb puppets hung from a tree in Milan's XXIV Maggio square on Friday are a "reminder of the 800,000 baby sheep slaughtered every year for Italian tables at Easter," animal rights group Nemesi Animale said. In 2004 contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan caused an uproar when he hung lifelike wax-and-resin effigies of three small boys from the same tree as part of an impromptu art forum held on the sidewalks around the square. "Years ago the hung children evoked outrage...we want this symbolic action to make people reflect on what a lamb hung in a slaughterhouse looks like and goes through," the association said. "Each one of us can make an important choice to not eat animals, just as six million Italians already have," Nemesi said.

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