M5S might back government led by 'pseudo-technocrat'

Grillo speaks to Napolitano ahead of fresh consultations

M5S might back government led by 'pseudo-technocrat'

Rome, March 29 - The 5-Star Movement (M5S) of comedian Beppe Grillo on Friday suggested it might support a government led by a 'pseudo-technocrat' ahead of fresh consultations with President Giorgio Napolitano later in the day. The possible change of stance comes after the anti-establishment movement refused to back a government led by Pier Luigi Bersani, who has been struggling to garner political support after his centre-left coalition won a majority in the House but failed to clinch the equally powerful Senate in general elections at the end of February On that occasion M5S took over 25% of the vote, almost as much as Bersani's Democratic Party, and effectively holds the balance of power in a hung parliament. This morning Grillo reportedly spoke to Napolitano as part of efforts to find a way out of the present stalemate. Italy currently has a caretaker government of technocrats led by Mario Monti, who was appointed to replace Silvio Berlusconi at the height of the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone in November 2011. Since then harsh austerity measures, rising unemployment and a stagnant economy have done little to win over the majority of Italians, as demonstrated by Monti's own lacklustre performance on a centrist reform platform in the general elections and the ascent of Grillo's M5S.

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