Liguria regional govt to slash spending by 600,000 euros

Energy, telecommunications and cleaning costs to be cut

Liguria regional govt to slash spending by 600,000 euros

Genoa, March 28 - The government of the northern Italian region of Liguria on Thursday announced it was introducing a series of self-inflicted cuts aimed at reducing its administrative expenditure by some 600,000 euros a year by 2014. Among the areas identified for cuts are stationary, telephone use, cleaning services and energy consumption. The regional executive will also seek to increase the use of videoconferencing in order to reduce the need to travel and bring down transport expenses. The high cost of Italy's political system is a big issue at the moment. Comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo's 5-Star Movement captured a huge protest vote at last month's general election amid widespread public disenchantment at alleged waste and corruption by the established parties.

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