Police union says minister should quit in Aldovandri case

Cancellieri 'talking nonsense' says COISP chief

Police union says minister should quit in Aldovandri case

(see previous). Rome, March 28 - The head of a police union whose members staged a controversial rally in Ferrara Wednesday in support of colleagues convicted in the 2005 death in custody of a young man on Thursday called for the resignation of Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri for criticising the demo. COISP chief Franco Maccari claimed politicians who had slammed the rally were "hypocrites" and accused Cancellieri of "talking nonsense". "It's time she went home," Maccari said. "We return to sender all the unfair and unfounded accusations directed yesterday at people doing their jobs and keeping faith with their roles," said the official. The mother of Federico Aldrovandi, the 18-year-old who died from police mistreatment on September 25, 2005, said earlier Thursday the family was suing Maccari and a Senator for defamation following the protest outside her office. The rally outside city offices where Patrizia Moretti works sparked a national outcry from fellow officers, government officials and civil society alike. Two dozen COISP police union members staged the protest in solidarity with four officers convicted of Federico's manslaughter and sentenced to three and a half years last June, reduced to six months. The teenager was stopped on his way home after spending Saturday night with friends and police found evidence he had been drinking heavily and had taken drugs. They were found guilty of excessive force in restraining him by sitting on his chest. He choked to death.

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