PD calls for removal of 'femicide' ad in Naples

Campaign features dead woman's body with slogan

PD calls for removal of 'femicide' ad in Naples

Rome, March 28 - Italy's centre-left Democratic Party (PD) on Thursday called on the authorities in Naples to remove billboards accused of exalting femicide to sell cleaning cloths. The ad features what appears to be a murdered woman's body with the slogan "Don't leave a trace". ''We denounce the posters in Naples that explicitly refer to femicide to sell cloths'', said PD MP Roberta Agostini. ''These are sexist, violent images inspired by the experience of hundreds of women a year. We call on Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris and on the mayors of other towns where the posters have gone up to immediately remove these macabre images''. A third of women in Italy reported being victims of serious domestic violence, according to a 2012 UN report citing data from Italian statistics agency ISTAT. According to the report, 127 women were murdered by men in Italy in 2010, often as a result of ''honor, men's unemployment or jealousy''.

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