Robber uses bank director as a shield

Thieves captured in Rome, stole 2,500 euros

Robber uses bank director as a shield

(ANSA) – Rome, March 28 – A bank robber fleeing the scene in the Tiburtino neighbourhood of Rome on Thursday attempted to use a hostage as a shield against police in pursuit. The criminal and his partner were surprised by police during the bank heist. One of the two robbers ran out of the building that had by then been surrounded by law enforcement officers, taking with him the bank director as hostage. The victim was dragged down the street for some 200 meters before the robber was tackled by the police. Prior to his capture, he attempted to force a driver from an automobile in an attempt to flee. His partner remained inside the bank and was later captured with the 2,500 euros the two had been trying to make off with.

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