Messina disabled required to pay for parking signs

Local authorities unwavering despite criticism

Messina disabled required to pay for parking signs

Palermo, March 28 - Local authorities in the Sicilian city of Messina have decreed that disabled drivers requesting dedicated parking areas will need to pay for the street signs reserving the spaces for their vehicles, according to a report in the Gazzetta del Sud newspaper. "We must not treat the disabled as inferior - they are normal people, like us. Like I have to pay, so do they, and anyhow we are talking about minimal costs," said Messina local city council commissioner Luigi Croce, according to the newspaper. Croce had been criticized for the measures, though he has indicated he is not backtracking. The decree indicates "the costs relating to the creation and the maintenance of the street signs, both vertical and horizontal, as well as the identification and the demarcation of the parking areas, and their subsequent removal will be attributed to the beneficiary".

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