Company officials probed in long-running fraud probe

'166 million euros involved in Anemone G8 summit fraud'

Company officials probed in long-running fraud probe

Rome, March 27 - Finance police are investigating five people in connection with alleged fraud totalling 166 million euros related to the construction of the venue for a Group of Eight summit in Italy in 2009. The fraud relates to construction projects by the Anemone group in preparation for the G8 meeting that had been originally slated for the Sardinian island of La Maddalena. Those international meetings were moved at the last minute to Abruzzo to honour the 309 people killed in a devastating earthquake earlier that year. Assets valued at 32 million euros have also been seized as part of the ongoing investigation. Finance specialists say they have found parallel accounting and numerous other kinds of fraudulent activity, such as work paid for but never completed, related to public contracts handled by the Anemone group. It faces numerous other investigations related to fraudulent activities on other public contracts. Companies within the Anemone group accused in this case include Anemone Construction Ltd.; Magdalene Scarl; Arsenal Scarl; Cogecal Srl.; and Techno-cos Srl. The head of the group, Rome businessman Diego Anemone, was arrested in February 2010 for alleged graft in public tenders for work on other State venues as well as private real-estate deals involving politicians. photo: Diego Anemone

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