Bersani tells M5S they don't have monopoly on change

Centre left tries to convince movement to back govt plan

Bersani tells M5S they don't have monopoly on change

Rome, March 27 - Centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani on Wednesday told the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) that he would only form a government that was possible of introducing big changes in Italy. Bersani, whose coalition came first in last month's election but failed to win a working majority in the Senate, is trying to convince the M5S to back an administration led by him based on a number of key points in the movement's programme. The M5S, which holds the balance of power in the Senate after capturing a huge protest vote, has said it will not vote confidence in a government led by Bersani or any of the established parties. "I start from a premise - yes to a government, Ok to governability, but without change there can be no government," Bersani told M5S representatives in a encounter transmitted on the Internet and picked up by TV networks. "You are leading players in this change, but you are not the only players. My party feels this need (for change). "I will not form a government that has no possibility of making changes in front of it".

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