Monti asked by Napolitano to step for foreign minister

Outgoing premier 'stunned' by resignation of Terzi

Monti asked by Napolitano to step for foreign minister

Rome, March 26 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano named outgoing Premier Mario Monti as interim foreign affairs minister Tuesday night after the surprise resignation of Giulio Terzi. Monti met with the president several hours after Terzi shocked his colleagues by resigning over a decision to send two Italian marines back to India to stand trial on charges of homicide. Terzi said he did not agree with the government's decision to return the pair, accused of killing two fishermen while on anti-piracy duty. Monti had said he was "stunned" by Terzi's decision adding that he did not "share" the ex-foreign minister's stance. Monti also said he would appear before both houses of parliament on Wednesday to discuss the case. The men, Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, were sent back to India on Friday in a U-turn after Rome had said the pair would not return after being allowed to come home to vote. They had previously returned to India after a Christmas leave. "My reservations had no impact and the decision was not mine," Terzi told parliament earlier in the day. "My voice went unheard".

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