Italy hardest hit by euro crisis in 2012

EC study says number of Italians suffering up 15%

Italy hardest hit by euro crisis in 2012

Brussels, March 26 - Italy suffered the consequences of the eurozone debt crisis in 2012 more than any other country, a European Commission report said Tuesday. "Economic stress had repercussions in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain and especially Italy, where the number of those in economic difficulty rose by 15%," said the EC in its report on employment in Europe. The study also stressed that Italy lagged behind the rest of Europe in productivity, "down 2.8% in the last quarter of 2012, following an even bigger 3% drop in the previous quarter". "Italy is also the country, among the largest in Europe, where unemployment in the last quarter of 2012 underwent the fastest climb at 0.5%, followed by Poland at 0.3%, Spain and France both at 0.1%," the study said. (photo: a Fiat plant in Italy)

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