Beppe Grillo calls for help in hunting 'trolls' on his blog

5-Star Movement leader draws comments to provocative blog

Beppe Grillo calls for help in hunting 'trolls' on his blog

Rome, March 25 - Beppe Grillo, leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), called on supporters Monday to help him hunt down so-called "trolls" who are posting negative comments on his blog. "Trolls" is a nickname for people who post nasty or provocative comments on Internet forums, such as blogs, but it wasn't clear just who Grillo was referring to in his call to arms. Some of Grillo's own supporters have been challenging his orders, including parliamentarians elected on behalf of the party in last month's national vote. Grillo was furious last week when a handful of his Senators ignored his order that they abstain from a recent vote for a Senate Speaker, saying there would be consequences for the rebels who he said had fallen into a "trap". Other followers have posted questions and concerns on Grillo's blog, a key forum for communications by the party leader.

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