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Italy says relations calmer with India since marines' return

'Constructive dialogue' reinstilled, says De Mistura

Italy says relations calmer with India since marines' return

New Delhi, March 25 - Since sending two Italian marines back to India to face charges of killing two fishermen off the coast there, "constructive dialogue" has been reinstilled between the two countries, Italian Foreign Undersecretary Staffan De Mistura said Monday. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were sent back to India on Friday after a two-week diplomatic tug-of-war between the two countries that has exacerbated political tension within Italy and between Rome and New Delhi. Italy had announced the servicemen would not return to India after they came home to vote in last month's general election. This prompted India to order the Italian ambassador to New Delhi not to leave the country which, in turn, led to Rome to make a U-turn and send the servicemen back. On Monday the Italian foreign ministry said relations with India were calming down. "This atmosphere can only help us find a way out of this crisis while recognizing our position, given the urgency on our part to bring our marines back to Italy with their heads held high," said De Mistura.

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