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Argentina's other cardinal says 'crazy to be pope'

Cardinal Sandri shrugs off jealousy suggestion over Pope Francis

Argentina's other cardinal says 'crazy to be pope'

Buenos Aires, March 25 - Argentina's other cardinal in the conclave - Cardinal Leonardo Sandri - shrugged off any suggestion on Monday that he might be jealous of his compatriot and former equal, ex-cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who was elected pope this month. "Me jealous? To be pope means being crazy, because being pope could only occur in the head of a madman with all the problems there are," quipped Sandri in a radio interview in Argentina. Before the conclave, Sandri had been deemed by some to be more "papabile" (likely pope) than Bergoglio, due to his age. Sandri declared himself "extremely content" with Bergoglio's election and wished "the best possible" for the new pontificate. Bergoglio's choice of name - Pope Francis - represents a new symbol, Sandri added. "Saint Francis is a model person who incarnates poverty and chastity" and will provide "the roots of the Pope's spring" by promoting a new closeness to the faithful, Sandri said.

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