Bersani tries to rally backing for new goverment in meetings

Confindustria's squinzi calls italy's businesses 'desperate'

Bersani tries to rally backing for new goverment in meetings

Rome, March 25 - Democratic Party (PD) leader Pier Luigi Bersani will meet with the chief of the powerful industrial association Confindustria in one of a series of meetings on Monday with at major unions and sector associations as he works to win political backing to try to form a government. Confindustria President Giorgio Squinzi warned after meeting Bersani over the weekend that Italy was in desperately needed fast political intervention. "We have no more time. We are extremely close to the end," said Squinzi talking about the state of businesses in Italy. Squinzi said Italy urgently needed a "stable government, capable of governing and that appeals to all good willed men." Businesses, explained Squinzi "are desperate and the employment problem is becoming tragic". Bersan's centre-left alliance has a majority in the House but not the Senate and is working to muster enough support in the upper house after last month's inconclusive elections produced a hung parliament. Monday's meetings will include farm and agriculture associations Confagricoltura, Cia, Copagri, Coldiretti and co-operative organization Confcoperative. Later on Monday Bersani will also meet with Italy's banking association ABI. Photo: Confindustria President Giorgio Squinzi

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