Grillo calls for Rome Jewish leader to halt 'insults'

5-Star Movement says available to meet with Pacifici

Grillo calls for Rome Jewish leader to halt 'insults'

(ANSA) – Rome, March 22 – Beppe Grillo, the leader of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, slammed the leader of Rome's Jewish community after comments appeared in Israeli newspaper Haaretz calling the group "worse than the Fascists". On his blog, Grillo called the remarks "gratuitous and unfounded insults". Riccardo Pacifici has since denied ever making the comments, but said he and the local Jewish community were paying close attention to comments posted on Grillo's blog, which he said were reminiscent of the extremist leftist and rightist culture, which are often hostile to Jews and Israel. Grillo said that "if Pacifici is interested, we are available to meet with him".

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