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Italian Jews should go to Israel due to 'Fascist' Grillo

Rome leader Pacifici says 'moment right' to move

Italian Jews should go to Israel due to 'Fascist' Grillo

Tel Aviv, March 22 - The rise in Italy of the ''radical'' 5-Star Movement (M5S) led by former comedian Beppe Grillo has helped create the conditions for Italian Jews to slowly begin packing their bags and heading for Israel, the president of Rome's Jewish community said Friday. ''Grillo says political parties are not important and this is exactly what Hitler claimed before coming to power,'' Riccardo Pacifici said in an interview with Tel Aviv daily Haaretz. ''Grillo's party is more dangerous than the fascists because it does not have a clear platform, we don't know its limits. We don't know many of the people in the movement, but we know that there are extremists on both left and right, fascists and radicals, and that both are opposed to the constitution, opposed to democracy,'' he argued. Pacifici also criticised the failure of Italy's political system to obstruct the rise of M5S, pointing the finger at the centre-left Democratic Party (Pd) in particular. ''The Pd is afraid to criticise Grillo because it wants his support in government,'' he said. The leader of Rome's Jewish community also cited the rise in Islamic fundamentalism and the economic crisis as other reasons to relocate to Israel. Pacifici denied wanting to be ''alarmist'' but said this was a ''good moment'' to make such a decision in terms of Jews' standing within Europe.

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