Vatican City

Pope Francis claims role as bridge-builder

All countries must create 'ever greater love for our world'

Pope Francis claims role as bridge-builder

Vatican City, March 22 - Pope Francis on Friday told ambassadors gathered at the Vatican that one of his titles as Bishop of Rome was ''pontiff, builder of bridges, with God and among men''. The newly elected successor to Benedict XVI, former archbishop of Buenos Aires, added that all countries had responsibility to build bridges in pursuit of ''ever greater love for our world''. ''As you know my family has Italian origins and so I have always been engaged in dialogue between remote places and cultures, between one end of the earth and the other,'' Francis told the representatives of 180 nations. ''Today (these places and cultures) are increasingly close and interdependent and in need of meeting each other and creating real space for genuine brotherhood,'' he added. 'Pontifex', Latin for bridge-maker, was a title used by ancient Roman high priests and later taken over by emperors.

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