EU confirms it is taking Italy to court over Lazio rubbish

Region failed to implement correct rubbish treatment procedures

EU confirms it is taking Italy to court over Lazio rubbish

Brussels, March 21 - The European Union is formalizing the measures it will take to refer Italy to the European Court of Justice for failing to resolve the trash situation in the central Italian region of Lazio, where the capital is based. The environment ministry announced last Friday the nation had been indicted to the European Court for the ''situation of waste management in the Lazio region'' around Rome. The correct rubbish treatment procedures were not implemented in landfills in Malagrotta and elsewhere in Lazio, according to the EU. Last fall, rubbish started piling up in Rome's streets in a crisis reminiscent of the problems Naples has had in recent years due to lack of landfill areas. Amidst the ongoing crisis, Environment Minister Corrado Clini said that it would be inevitable for the nation to be referred to the European Court if a new dump site were not found in a timely manner. Rome's huge dump at Malagrotta is filled well beyond capacity, and local administrators, environmental groups and residents unable to agree on an alternative at the time. In January, 1,000 people demonstrated in front of a southern Italian garbage-disposal facility in Colfelice, located near Frosinone, to protest the importation of 430 tonnes of rubbish per day from Rome. A State decree signed by environmental minister Corrado Clini designated the landfill to relieve Rome's rubbish emergency.

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