Esquivel says pope not connected to past Argentine dictator

Nobel laureate says compatriot preferred 'quiet diplomacy'

Esquivel says pope not connected to past Argentine dictator

Rome, March 21 - Argentine Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel said on Thursday that Pope Francis had no connections with the dictatorship that marred his home country in the 1970s. Following an audience with Pope Francis, Esquivel told reporters that the former archbishop of Buenos Aires "had nothing to do with the dictatorship...he was not an accomplice". The pope said that "human rights are integral, not only restricted to the murders of a dictatorship, but also to poverty...and the life of people," Esquivel underlined. Pope Francis "preferred a quiet diplomacy," he said. Since his election to the papacy, allegations have surfaced that Francis was complicit in violence carried out against left-wing activists and militants during his time as the Jesuit Provincial superior of Argentina.

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