Monti's party wants broad coalition government

Outgoing premier's group say admin must continue with reforms

Monti's party wants broad coalition government

(see related stories) Rome, March 20 - Outgoing Premier Mario Monti's Civic Choice party said it was in favour of a broad coalition government Wednesday after talks with President Giorgio Napolitano on how to break Italy's post-election gridlock. In a statement, the party added that the new government should continue with the structural economic reforms and policies of fiscal consolidation adopted by Monti's emergency technocrat administration. This administration came to power in November 2011 when Silvio Berlusconi was forced to resign as premier with Italy's debt crisis threatening to spiral out of control. Monti's reform platform backed by centrist parties did less well than expected in last month's inconclusive general election. "Despite the evident difficulties of the parliamentary balances... we think it is possible and obligatory to give responses of governability to the public," read a statement. It added that the "main political parties" willing to continue on a pro-EU path and work to restore health to the public finances and promote growth should assume their responsibilities. The wording of the statement suggested Monti's party does not envisage comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo's 5-Star Movement, which holds the balance of power in parliament after capturing a huge protest vote, being part of this coalition.

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