Unemployed man commits suicide, remembered at union meeting

CISL says crisis drives people to 'throw in the towel'

Unemployed man commits suicide, remembered at union meeting

Naples, March 20 - An unemployed Naples man who committed suicide Wednesday morning was remembered with a minute of silence at a national CISL union meeting. "A worker has taken his life. This is news that we never want to hear," CISL head Raffaele Bonanni said. Francesco Assaiante, 50, who lost his job in a physical therapy center, was unemployed for over a year. Regional CISL representative Salvatore Altieri linked Assiante's suicide to his economic struggles. "We are terribly sorry, especially in front of a scenario that continues to repeat itself in Italy, when people faced with the fear of not being able to uphold their obligations, pay rent, send their children to school, just throw in the towel," Bonnani said. Italy has seen a steady rise in the rate of suicides over the past year amid its economic crisis. The deaths have often involved indebted small-business owners and the unemployed, as well as people struggling with steeply rising tax bills. Photo: CISL head Raffaele Bonanni

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