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The positions of Pope Francis - from gay marriage to poverty

As Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio spoke out

The positions of Pope Francis - from gay marriage to poverty

Buenos Aires, March 14 - From abortion to human rights, from condemning gay marriage to condoning baptism of children of unmarried mothers, from slamming social indifference to tackling poverty - these are some of the best known positions taken publicly by Pope Francis when he was still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires. - THE CRIME 'HABIT'. "Little by little we get used to seeing and hearing through the media the crimes of contemporary society presented almost with a perverse joy. We also get accustomed to living with violence that kills, that destroys families and feeds wars and conflict." - AGAINST DISREGARD OF HUMAN RIGHTS. "The suffering of innocents and the peaceful never ceases to hit us, the disregard of the rights of the most vulnerable people or populations are not so far from us; the empire of money with its demonic effects - drugs, corruption, the trafficking of people and even children - together with material and moral misery have become the current currency". - ABORTION IS NOT A SOLUTION. "We must listen, accompany and understand from the place where we are in order to save two lives. Respect the smaller, defenseless human being, and adopt measures that can save his life, allow his birth and be create in the search for paths that carry him to his full development". - ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY. "No one assumes responsibility for what needs to be done and for what has been done. It seems almost an unconscious game, the 'no one did it' has become, in the last analysis, a truth: perhaps we have truly managed to become and to feel ourselves to be 'no one'". - GAY MARRIAGE. "We must not be naive: it is not about a simple political discussion, it is about purporting to destroy God's plan. It is not a simple legislative project - that is only the tool, or rather a move to father the lie, to confuse and fool God's children". - THE CRISIS. "The social-economic crisis and the consequent increase of poverty has its roots in policies inspired by certain forms of neoliberalism that consider earnings and the laws of the market as absolute parameters, at the expense of the dignity of people and populations". - BAPTISM FOR CHILDREN OF UNMARRIED WOMEN. "In our ecclesiastical territory there are priests who refuse to baptize the children of unmarried mothers, because they were conceived outside of the holiness of marriage. These are the hypocrites of today, the ones who clerics the Church, those who distance God's people from salvation". - POVERTY VIOLATES RIGHTS. "Human rights are violated not only by terrorism, repression and murder, but also by the existence of extreme poverty and unjust economic conditions, which are the roots of great inequalities".

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