Naples 'City of Science' to reopen April 13

Kids' section in arson-hit site one of first to get up again

Naples 'City of Science' to reopen April 13

Naples, March 13 - Naples City of Science cultural attraction, gutted by suspected arson last week, will reopen partially on April 13, the site's president, Vittorio Silvestrini, said Wednesday. A section for children would be one of the first to reopen, he said. On Tuesday traces of gasoline were found at the site. At least six samples were found in four different locations at the site, which went up in flames late last Monday. The complex was considered one of Naples' cultural gems. It featured a large interactive science museum that attracted around 350,000 visitors each year and it also had facilities for conferences and other educational activities. Only one of the complex's buildings was untouched by the flames. The mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, has openly suspected mafia foul play.

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