Vatican City

Menu of pasta, veggies, cheese for conclave cardinals

Electors enjoy simple but hefty meals

Menu of pasta, veggies, cheese for conclave cardinals

Vatican City, March 12 - The 115 cardinals locked in the Sistine Chapel as the concalve to elect a successor to Benedict XVI gets underway can look forward to some hearty meals. The menu is simple, but the portions hefty. The canteen where the cardinals will take their dinners is preparing foods which can be enjoyed by people from various countries with differing culinary needs and habits. Dishes being served include such universally-enjoyed dishes as pasta with tomato sauce, soups, different types of vegetables and cheeses. The menu is also likely to include baked onions which were said to be a big hit during the conclave held in 2005 which elected Benedict as successor to Pope John Paul.

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