Pensioner becomes drug mule to boost pension

73-year-old man arrested with narcotics worth one million euros

Pensioner becomes drug mule to boost pension

Genoa, March 12 - A 73-year-old former mechanic arrested by Genoa police on Tuesday for international drug trafficking said that he needed the activity as a supplement to his insufficient pension payments so that he could make ends meet. Celestino Del Fossa, originally from a small town near Verona and formerly a maintenance man at the Grand Hotel in Malaga, became a drug mule between Barcelona, Tangier and Genoa, transporting hashish and cocaine by public ferry. Del Fossa was stopped in the Genoa port with over 70 kilograms of hashish and eight kilograms of cocaine worth approximately one million euros hidden inside 27 plastic bottles and destined for the market in northern Italy.

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