Turin court rejects appeal of stem-cell therapy

Woman loses while man wins case for same treatment

Turin court rejects appeal of stem-cell therapy

Turin, March 11 - The Turin Appeals Court on Monday rejected a plea for a controversial form of stem-celll therapy to be used on a sufferer of a fatal inherited neurodegenerative disease called Niemann-Pick syndrome. Erika Bonavita was barred last year from receiving the controversial stem cell therapy patented by the Stamina Foundation. The treatment has been under scrutiny by the Italian Pharmaceutical Agency (AIFA) and sparked several lawsuits by disease sufferers seeking the therapy. Bonavita's father Luigi, who appealed on her behalf, won a court case for his son who suffers from the same illness, Salvatore Bonavita, on March 7 allowing him to receive the therapy. It involves inoculating the patient with biological material, sometimes his or her own and sometimes from other people. "Their illness is the same, problems the same...obviously the judges think that there are those who have the right to treatment and who don't," Luigi Bonavita said.

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