Italy aims to rebuild City of Science in 18 months

'Goal is ambitious' says education minister

Italy aims to rebuild City of Science in 18 months

Naples, March 8 - The Italian government is aiming to rebuild the Citta' della Scienza (City of Science) in Naples in 18 months after a massive blaze destroyed most of the complex this week. "The goal is ambitious," said Education Minister Francesco Profumo in his announcement at the site of the fire. He promised that reconstruction efforts were taking place according to "strict deadlines". The government announced Thursday that 20 million euros will go towards the project and that five million euros of the funds were to be released immediately. The complex was considered one of Naples' cultural gems. It featured a large interactive science museum that attracted around 350,000 visitors each year and it also had facilities for conferences and other educational activities. Only one of the complex's buildings was untouched by the flames late Monday. The cause is not entirely known, though many suspect mafia foul play.

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