Italy cannot afford to neglect women's talent

Napolitano says ignoring women a 'waste of human resources'

Italy cannot afford to neglect women's talent

Rome, March 8 - Valuing women's contribution to the labour sector is not a matter that impacts only women, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano underscored on Friday. "It also affects the country's overall economic well-being" as well as its "social cohesion", the Italian head of state said on International Women's Day. Neglecting the issue results in "an absurd and unjust squandering of human resources that Italy cannot afford," he said. "Many talented youths emigrate and do not find suitable conditions in Italy to come back to. This is true as concerns talented females, as well". The Italian president noted that many women have been making a name for themselves in recent years in advanced research centres across Europe as well as in Italy. He stressed that creating an environment that fosters highly specialised workers means "awarding those that deserve it, investing much more in research, and supporting the young and women in all fields". He added that these aims are ones that "we would like to always see in Italian and European political agendas".

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