Judge allows stamina therapy for Niemann-Pick sufferer

Patient's sister, also a sufferer, barred by a different judge

Judge allows stamina therapy for Niemann-Pick sufferer

Turin, March 7 - A judge on Thursday issued a ruling allowing a controversial form of stem-cell therapy on compassionate grounds for Salvatore Bonavita, 39, who suffers from a fatal inherited neurodegenerative disease called Niemann-Pick syndrome. The judge ruled Bonavita can receive the therapy, patented by the Stamina Foundation and which has been under scrutiny by the Italian Pharmaceutical Agency (AIFA), sparking several lawsuits. It involves inoculating the patient with biological material, sometimes his or her own and sometimes from other people. Bonavita's father, Luigi, who sued in court on behalf of his son, is also appealing on behalf of his daughter Erika, who has the same disease but has been barred from receiving the controversial therapy by another judge.

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