Grillo tells Time his movement saves Italy from violence

M5S 'channels' anger at elected officials

Grillo tells Time his movement saves Italy from violence

Rome, March 7 - Italian comic Beppe Grillo, the head of Italy's 5-Star Movement, on Thursday warned that if his movement failed in its anti-establishment mission, Italy would descend into violence. In an interview with Time Magazine, Grillo said: "I channeled all the (people's) anger into this movement. They should thank us one by one: if we fail, Italy will be guided by violence in the streets". Grillo, whose 5-Star Movement emerged as the potential kingmaker in Italy's inconclusive February 24-25 national elections, also accused Italy's political parties of faking competition in the interview. The parties "say they are one against the other, but, behind the scenes, they are the same thing. Left and right in Italy have always pretended to fight. Now they will have to do in broad daylight the deals which they have done in the shadows for the past 20 years. And if they do, they are politically dead," Grillo said. On a lighter note, Grillo said he saw himself continuing in his role as a comic. Asked by Time what he saw himself doing a year from now, he replied: "I will do a world tour. I will do shows. And I will be what I am". Asked if he still considered himself a comedian, Grillo replied: "An extraordinary comedian".

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